Khao Piak Sien

Khao Piak Sien

I was craving some good Laotian Khao Piak Sien and then I remembered the stewing hens in my freezer. My dad sent me home with a few stewing hens and cocks during one of my visits home. I also asked my mom to pick up some homemade pho meatballs, som moo and isaan sausage from her lady. My grandpa packed a cardboard box for me. It was inspected by TSA. I wonder what they were thinking when they searched the box.

This is one of those dishes that really benefits from a tougher old chicken although, my mom has made it with regular old whole fryers because my sister didn’t want to eat her pets.

This is one of those dishes that really benefits from a tougher old chicken

A delicious dish

Khao Piak Sien is a great dish to serve a crowd. We took turns cooking the meals during our snowboard/ski trip back in February. My friend was in charge of dinner day 2 and was undecided between Khao Piak Sien or Pho. She decided on the Khao Piak Sien. Everyone was glad to have a steaming bowl of Khao Piak Sien after a day on the slopes.

I was looking for a “recipe” for the homemade rice noodles. I’ve never made it all by myself before. I’ve help with the rolling and cutting but someone else always prepared the dough. I knew it involved rice flour and hot water. My mom likes to add tapioca flour for chewier noodles. I called my mom but she didn’t call me back so I texted my friend Kellie. She said, “Ask Jenny! I suck at it.”

a “recipe” for the homemade rice noodles

I find it funny because my Laotian friend told me to ask my Vietnamese/Chinese friend. I text Jenny and she said to use one bag red and one and a half bags green. She meant one bag regular rice flour and one and a half bags tapioca flour (not glutinous rice flour because I usually refer to glutinous rice flour as green). She said I could do a one to one ratio but she prefers the noodles chewier.